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This October we have launched a new opportunity for individual artists looking to be part of a unique team.  Team Urban Venom Art #TeamUVA aims to be a group of talented artists, providing professional artwork to Global demand.  If you feel that you would be appropriate to join our team please feel free to contact us and give us a direct link to your work.

If successful you will have space on this website, all Urban Venom Art Social Media sites and the key branded support to help target more business to your door.  You are still responsible for all monies collected for your work, UVA sees no monetary gain for works you produce.

What do we get for it, well we build a network of super talented artists, that have skills in a variety of places, we commit some time to help train new members and create a place where we can share techniques.  This website was created for Steve Page the original and founding artist for Urban Venom Art and, Steve believes the website could deliver much more to the benefit of #art. Steve hopes to build his own professional network through this and expand his collection worldwide.

In plain, we want a strong brand, with strong individual artists working within a team to deliver exceptional art worldwide.  Up for the challenge?